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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, West Indigo Solutions caters to the needs of companies who look for the best ROI from their procurement activities.
Delivering Success One Client at a Time
Our global client portfolio spans several industries, regions and markets, ensuring a broad exposure to the most complex projects. Below are some examples of the projects we have delivered lately.

  • STS Methanol
  • Instrument & Controls
  • MRO for FPSOs
  • Mining Machinery

Over the past five years, West Indigo Solutions has been providing ship-to-ship Methanol transfers to a large IOC in West Africa.  Our first project was to merely source the methanol, but it consequently grew to the full scope including sourcing the mooring master, transport vessel, fenders, tugboats, etc.

   Project: STS Methanol Delivery

   Client: International Oil Company

   Region: Africa

   Details: West Indigo was tasked with the  delivery of 99.85% pure methanol to an FPSO. We delivered a full project complete with mooring master, fenders, tugboat and STS delivery.

Value: +$2,000,000

Savings: Our proposal saved our client 10%

Following several years of spot procurement activity with this large IOC in West Africa, we were awarded the contract to completely replace the electronic instruments and controls at our client’s facilities.  We presented AMETEK items and won the tender on both technical and commercial aspects, saving the client a 20% from their previous cost.

Project: Overhaul and Complete Replacement of Electronic Instruments & Controls

Client: International Operator

Region: Africa

Details: West Indigo won a competitive procurement bid as a supplier of choice for this international Oil company’s procurement of all Solid State (AMETEK) Electronic Instruments & Controls

Value: +$780,000

Savings: Our proposal saved our client 20%

As a company, we are a trusted supplier to +25 FPSOs throughout the globe, and our team goes the extra mile to ensure on-time response to all enquiries, and submission of the most competitive prices to our clients.  We recently secured an MRO order from a client for three of their FPSOs in South America, supplying items such as filters, electrical motors and consumables.

   Project: General MRO

   Client: FPSO Operator

   Region: South America

   Details: West Indigo was selected as procurement   partner of choice for this international FPSO company’s procurement

operations. We constantly procure for three FPSOs in the region.

Value: +$500,000

Savings: Our proposal saved our client 17%

West Indigo Solutions works as a key procurement partner with +20 mine sites in Africa, and over the years we have delivered $30M in material and consumables to our clients in the region. We recently had a large mine in East Africa who requested custom underground machines with very detailed specifications for the gear box, brakes, chassis and transmission.  We delivered a complete project with two underground machines as per client’s specifications to replace their previously purchased machines, resulting in a savings of 13% to the company.

      Project: Specialized Machinery

      Client: International Mining Company

       Region: Africa

       Details: Our client needed specialized heavy  machinery for their mining operations. West Indigo sourced these custom machines and delivered them to the client’s mine site.

Value: +$750,000

Savings: Our proposal saved our client 13%

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