Covid19 PPE and Medical Equipment

September 18, 20200

The world has changed drastically over the past six months, and 2020 is turning out to be a nightmare of a year for humanity, where our client’s main concern is to provide safety and wellbeing for their staff, globally. At West Indigo Solutions we saw the priorities changing from daily requisitions going from MRP, PPE, valves, and gaskets to Covid19 Rapid Tests, PCR Kits, masks, ventilators, and all Covid19 related items.

We quickly developed partnerships and established a secure global supply chain to provide our clients with all the items they needed to keep their staff safe, and allow them to deliver on the CSR projects, wherever they operate.

Click on the image below to download our Covid19 & Medical Devices brochure as well as our Covid19 Lab Essential brochure with some of the items we have been supplying our global clients with.


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