BT-S1200 ICU Ventilator


*15” TFT LCD touch screen displays the ventilation parameters,
alarm information and oscillographs. Touch screen makes the
operation more simple.
*Air compressor runs stably with low noise, creates quiet
environment for doctors and patients.
* Recyclable silicon breathing circuit, ensure easy operation and
keep tidy.
*Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure
limit, adapt to wide ranges of patients.
* Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter
clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.
* Real time pressure-time, flow-time, volume-time, ETCO2 (Endtidal CO2 – time), pressure volume loop oscillographs, and high
precision oxygen concentration detection function included.
* Electronic PEEP control.
* Breathing valve can be disassembled and disinfect.

Product Description


The ventilator is suitable for various kinds of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation respiratory support, acute respiratory failure caused by various reasons or incomplete oxygenation dysfunction, intra-operation and post-operating respiratory support, and other respiratory treatments.


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