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West Indigo Solutions is a leading international supplier, registered with, and vetted by some of the leading international supplier vetting platforms. Our goal is deliver cost effective procurement and sourcing solutions to our global clients through seamless and trusted processes and procedures.
ISNetworld®, also referred to as ISN®, is a global online contractor management system that connects trusted contractors/suppliers to Hiring Clients/Owner Clients. ISNetworld® collects safety, quality, procurement and regulatory data to help Owner Clients evaluate the different available contractors/suppliers.

Our Supplier number is 400-917302 is the US Government’s official federal procurement platform for all types of government material and service contracts. Following a thorough and extensive vetting process in 2020, West Indigo Solutions LLC was approved as a US Government supplier and awarded a cage code to provide goods and services to local, state and federal governments.

Our Cage Code is 8SPW2

SAP Ariba is the only procurement and supply chain collaboration solution that empowers corporate buyers to move faster and spend better. With SAP Ariba, we are directly connected to our clients as well as to the largest B2B network, creating dynamic, digital collaboration with millions of buyers, suppliers, and other trading partners all around the world. Clunky e-mail- or EDI-based collaboration gives way to dynamic, real-time information sharing over the network, so collaboration is better managed and more efficient.

Our Ariba vendor number is AN01483415713

We pride ourselves in being associated with the United Nations as a registered Vendor. Over the years, our team has been involved in several United Nations projects internationally, adding value to the supply chain with our know how, processes, procedures, and established and trustworthy supply chain partners. We will continue to work with the United Nations in their quest to make this world a better place.

Our UNGM Vendor number is 661114

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a supplier registration and certification system implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman as an industrywide procurement system. The objective of JSRS is to facilitate suppliers both national and international, to get certified in a central pool and tap into independent operator opportunities, in turn, gives the Operators direct connectivity to Suppliers to seek and identify vetted and trusted Suppliers for their varying needs.

Our JSRS Vendor number is 16316

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