We are passionate about working hand in hand with our clients to service their needs through our service portfolio.
Our broad client portfolio spans clients from various industries and of all sizes, and no two companies have similar projects, requirements or needs. As such, West Indigo Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of services to ensure client satisfaction and on time deliver of each project.

  • Procurement
  • Field Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Contract Management

Strategic Procurement is an integral part of any organization’s processes to ensure an effective and timely delivery of results. Our experienced procurement consultants work hand in hand with our clients to ensure all processes are adhered to whilst ensuring the most cost-effective solution to their procurement and sourcing needs.

With our team of experienced, highly trained field service engineers and technicians, we are prepared to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your subsea and/or surface equipment anywhere in the world: Global Field Service and Repairs, Pressure Testing up to 50,000 PSI, Hydraulic Flushing per NAS 1638 Standards, HP Pipe and Tube Fitting, Instrumentation, Hydraulic Repair or Recertification, Control System Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance, Diagnostics, Burst Testing.

Through the years we’ve partnered with companies in the oil & gas industry to provide top notch subsea/offshore, as well as land-based products & Equipment. Through these partnerships we manufacture the following components: Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs), Accumulator Racks (Surface and Subsea), BOP Control Units (BCUs), Choke Control Panels (Standard and Custom Configurations), PLC/Analog Control Panels, Analog to PLC Upgrade Panels, Fabrication of Custom Tubing, Skid and Reservoir Fabrication.

Our team has extensive experience managing and delivering contracts globally. We are a registered supplier on global procurement and servicing platforms like Ariba, ISNetworld, and Achilles, giving you the confidence we have been vetted as an international trusted and professional supplier for your industry. When awarded a contract, our team becomes an extension of our client’s procurement and supply chain teams, working hand-in-hand to ensure a thorough delivery of the contract, strictly abiding by all AVLs, processes and procedures.

  • Stock Replenishment
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Expediting & Logistics
  • Packing, Tagging & Labelling

West Indigo Solutions has the capacity to maintain regular call-offs for stock replenishment of consumable goods or general supplies, ensuring your min-max levels are always within expected levels in order to avoid any operational disruptions.

We have secured several distributor agreements with an ever-growing portfolio of manufacturers in North America and internationally. Our annual volume purchases allow us to benefit from strategic discounts which we pass on to our client through competitive pricing.

Our strategically located warehouses ensure all goods are received and thoroughly inspected prior to proceeding with delivery to our clients.

We offer a complete service that caters for all your packing, tagging and labelling requirements. Upon arrival to our warehouse, our team ensures all items are checked and rechecked against your ordered lines, and we re-pack, tag and label all items according to our client’s specifications and requirements.

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